Partial Dentures Vs. Implants: Three Reasons To Choose One Over The Other

When you are faced with the loss of a few teeth in your mouth such that you are left gap-toothed, you may want to consider replacing these teeth. A partial denture is the first option, while implants are the second. However, most people opt for the partial denture, and with good reasons. Considering your options with your dentist (try Stillwater Dental Associates) is recommended as well. Partial Dentures Are Covered by Most Insurance Plans Read More 

Staying Calm At The Dentist: When Sedation Dentistry Is Used For Patients

If you get nervous when thinking about going to the dentist, there are a number of ways you can try to stay calm. Your first step is to let your dentist know about your fears about getting dental work done so that you can work together on a plan. You can try learning deep breathing techniques to help you relax, or listen to music on a set of headphones. If you want to have someone with you, this can help you remain calm. Read More 

Facts to Know When Considering Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is an addition to the Invisalign product line. Like Invisalign designed for adults, Invisalign Teen consists of a series of custom aligners to straighten teeth that are made of clear plastic. This is an alternative to traditional braces, and designed to help teenagers maintain their self-esteem and confidence while meeting their dental needs. The teen version of Invisalign has a few key differences that are meant to address the barriers that teen candidates face. Read More 

2 Tips To Protect You From Gingivitis Before A Corrective Jaw Operation

A huge part of a successful corrective jaw procedure requires you to wear braces for an extended period of time. The braces will also be worn during the operation. If you currently has healthy gums and teeth, then they will need to make sure their mouth stays this way for a few more months. When your teen gets braces, their dental care routine should not remain the same. Braces require an additional amount of care and time to ensure that gingivitis does not pop up along your gum line. Read More 

Bit Some Hard Candy and Felt a Lot of Pain? You Likely Damaged Your Tooth

If you were eating hard candy and you felt a lot of pain while biting down, then one of your teeth was damaged. This could be a small crack or a large one. You need to call your dentist immediately to have the tooth checked out. If you wait too long, then your tooth may erode completely and have to be removed. Below is some more information about this so you will know what to do. Read More