Keep Your Teeth White With These Easy Steps

If you want to have whiter teeth, there are steps that you can take on your own that will help keep your teeth white and looking great. Here are a few changes that you can implement right away to improve the look and color of your teeth.

#1 Keep Up With Daily Dental Care

The importance of daily dental care cannot be stressed enough. You should always brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening. Make sure that you are not rushing through the process; take the time necessary to really brush all sides of your teeth and thoroughly clean them. Then follow up by flossing your teeth. Doing so will help keep your teeth health and white.

If you have time, try to add an extra brushing sessions into your day. Most people brush their teeth after their breakfast and dinner; however, brushing after lunch is a good idea as well.

To make your teeth look better, brush with a teeth-whitening toothpaste or with some baking soda. Both types of toothpaste will help your teeth shine as white as possible.

#2 Cut Back On Strongly Colored Foods

Outside of poor dental hygiene, what you eat and drink can cause your teeth to look less than stellar. Try to cut back on strongly colored foods that will damage your teeth.

For example, drinking coffee everyday will cause your teeth to change color. Drinking mass amounts of soda everyday combined with poor hygiene can cause your teeth to rot, ruining your smile. Even drinking wine can stain your teeth.

Other more common foods can stain your teeth as well, such as balsamic vinegar, curry, pasta sauce and berries. If you only eat these foods occasionally and brush your teeth right after, your teeth should be okay. However, if you eat any of these foods in excessive amounts and have teeth color issues, you may want to reconsider how often and frequently you eat these foods.

#3 Pull Oil With Your Teeth

 Another way to get whiter teeth is by pulling oil. With this technique, you take a spoonful of oil, such as coconut oil, and swish it around in your mouth. You are supposed to swish the oil around in your mouth for a long period of time, around fifteen to twenty minutes.

This is supposed to help remove impurities from your mouth and make your teeth cleaner if done on a regular basis. When you are done swishing or "pulling' the oil, you are supposed to spit it out in the trash or toilet due to the bacteria that may be in the oil from your mouth. Then, swish some saltwater in your mouth before brushing your teeth.

Try out the three techniques above to keep your teeth white. You should also see your dentist for regular cleaning. If your teeth are still not as white as you would like, talk to your dentist about professional teeth whitening or click to read more.