How To Take Good Care Of Your Teeth Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

It's easy to neglect your dental care until it comes time to go to the dentist. However, regular preventative care can save you a lot of money and pain. Taking good care of your teeth can prevent the cavities and infections that lead to fillings and root canals. If you hate spending time taking care of your teeth, here are three things that can make it easier. 1. Work your way up to a good routine. Read More 

Ready To Enjoy Better Dental Health? Top Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Feeling your best may largely depend on your dental health. If you are suffering from tooth loss, you may want to consider getting dental implants. This is a procedure that will restore your teeth by placing a titanium post in your jawbone. Once you have this process completed, you'll get a dental restoration put in place. Knowing some of the top reasons to get dental implants may encourage you to do so. Read More 

What You Should Know About Getting Dental Implants

If you have thought about dental implants as a tooth replacement option, you should be familiar with the process and what to expect. Dental implantation is an extensive procedure, so you should know exactly what you are getting into. Keep the following in mind: Implants Require Many Steps to Complete You will not be able to walk into the orthodontist's office and leave the same day with your implants. It takes many steps to complete the dental implant process, starting with different testing. Read More 

Day-Glo White Vs. Realistic Whitening: Setting Your Expectations For Teeth Whitening

You have seen the famous faces with the brilliantly white teeth, teeth so white that they look as though they could glow in the dark. While this "day-glo" white is achievable, it does not mean it should be the primary goal of your own teeth whitening experience. In fact, you should set your expectations for teeth whitening a little lower, and here is why.  The Day-Glo White Is Not Natural Read More 

Consequences Of Ill-Fitting Dentures

If you have missing teeth, dentures will improve your appearance and improve your chewing ability. The dental lab technician makes your dentures based on the measurements your dentist took in the office. There are some factors, however, that can cause your appliances to feel too tight or too loose. These factors include changes in your weight and degenerative diseases of the bones, such as osteoporosis. Here are some consequences of ill-fitting dentures and what you can do about them. Read More