How A Root Canal Procedure Can Restore Your Oral Health

Inside each tooth lies the root canal, which is the hollow part of the tooth root that contains the pulp, nerve, and blood vessels. An infection can develop inside the root canal, and your dentist will likely recommend a root canal procedure to treat any existing infection. A root canal procedure can benefit your oral health in the following ways. Less Pain A root canal infection usually causes ongoing pain if left untreated. Read More 

Large Cavities: Do You Need Dental Crowns?

If you have two or more large cavities in your back teeth, a dentist may recommend you crown each tooth to keep it safe. The decay in your teeth may be too extensive or large to restore with traditional composite or porcelain fillings. Dental crowns can support and cover your teeth without compromising their integrity afterward. Learn why and how you need to crown your large cavities below. Why Do Large Cavities Require Dental Crowns? Read More 

4 Simple Dentist Tips On Ways To Prevent Tooth Wear And Dental Erosion

Your teeth should serve you for many years without any major challenges. Unfortunately, dental hygiene alone might not be adequate to stop teeth from wearing down. Worn-out teeth tend to be weaker and can cause jaw pain. So how do you prevent tooth wear? The following are tips to help avoid worn teeth.  1. Use Straws  Although your teeth are strong enough to handle the acid in fizzy drinks, juices, and alcohol, these beverages might erode the enamel over time. Read More 

The 5 Step Process Of Getting Dental Implants

For many people, dental implants can provide the perfect solution to tooth replacement. If you wish to have your missing or severely damaged teeth replaced by dental implants, you should know that this can be accomplished in just five steps. Continue reading to learn more about each of these steps. Step #1: Get Impressions Done For Dental Crowns When using implants to replace a natural tooth, the implant serves as the tooth root while a dental crown is used to replace the actual tooth. Read More 

Straightening Your Smile With Invisible Braces

Dental alignment issues can have a major impact on your sense of self-confidence and your overall appearance. While these problems are not unusual for people to experience, there are a range of treatment options that will be able to change the alignment of the teeth so a person can smile with confidence.  Invisible Braces Are Effective Despite Being Discrete Some people will be concerned about the cosmetic impacts that they will experience during the time that they have to wear their braces. Read More