What To Do Before Your Professional Teeth Cleaning Session

Professional teeth cleaning is a non-invasive procedure where the dentist will remove all build-up of tartar and plaque, followed by polishing the teeth. The next steps are flossing and applying sealant and fluoride to the clean teeth. The result? A clean mouth that'll give you the confidence to smile.

While your dentist has their work cut out for them, there are a few things you can do to ensure your professional teeth cleaning goes well.

1. Clean Before the Cleaning

Brush and floss your teeth, not just in the days leading up to your teeth cleaning appointment, but as part of your regular oral hygiene routine. Keep up with this routine, especially just before your appointment, and the procedure may take less time as the dentist will not need to carry out extra steps.

2. Hold Off on the Teeth Whitening

As a rule of thumb, always consult your dentist before using store-bought teeth whitening products. Avoid using these products before your dental cleaning. This is because these store-bought products contain ingredients that may cause you to experience increased tooth sensitivity. The various steps of a professional teeth cleaning session may also cause this sensitivity to increase. 

3. Stay On Top of Dental Records

If you are seeing a new dentist for teeth cleaning, you will want to ensure they have all your current applicable records. Liaise with your previous dentist to provide you with dental X-rays, treatment notes, and other records. Providing these records will help give your new dentist a clear picture of your dental health, which will inform how the dentist tailors the cleaning and other dental procedures.

4. Prepare Your Questions

When next should you go in for professional teeth cleaning after your visit? How can you keep your teeth clean between these professional dental cleaning sessions? These are some good questions to ask your dentist. 

Prepare a list of these questions in advance so you can have a one-on-one exchange with your dentist before or after the dental cleaning instead of sending them over email or calling to ask the questions.

Have some questions about your overall dental health that aren't necessarily about teeth cleaning? Ask away, as your dentist will be more than happy to answer them. 

Keep Up with Regular Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning sessions are more than just about removing the tartar and plaque build-up from your teeth. Keeping up with a regular routine also allows the dentist to check and catch any emergency dental issues early and plan treatment. These benefits should encourage you to keep up with the teeth cleaning schedule your dentist recommends.

For more information, reach out to dentists near you.