Straightening Your Teeth Is About More Than Aesthetics

If your dentist or orthodontist has recommended that you get braces, you are not alone. You may wonder why it is so important to have straight teeth, and the truth is that there are several reasons you should consider the recommendation.

Here's the truth: straight teeth are important for reasons beyond their ability to provide you with a fantastic smile. These are a few reasons why having straight teeth is so important.

Teeth That Don't Fit Are Not Efficient

One thing you need to keep in mind is that teeth that don't fit together the way they are meant to cannot do the job they are supposed to do. For instance, they do not chew food effectively and efficiently, leaving your jaw overworked.

Teeth That Aren't Straight Are Hard to Clean

You should also know that teeth that are crooked are difficult to clean correctly. This leaves a lot of space in your mouth for plaque and bacteria to form. You can easily miss this plaque when you brush your teeth, which results in cavities and gum disease. You may also notice that your mouth is more inflamed than usual.

Keep in mind that failing to clean certain parts of your mouth can also be devastating for the rest of your body. Plaque buildup can damage your arteries and even lead to heart disease if it goes unchecked. This can be a serious health issue if you are already prone to cardiac disease.

Crooked Teeth May Become Injured

If your teeth are not in their proper place, they may be more likely to become injured. You may be more likely to grind your teeth or perhaps even chip a tooth if you have problems with your bite or jaw. You may need to have your teeth straightened to avoid injury caused by grinding your teeth.

If you play sports, teeth that stick out may need to be fixed so they don't hit the ground or other materials and chip.

You Need Braces for Your Well-Being

Ultimately, wearing dental braces and going through the teeth straightening process helps you in many ways. You can be healthier and happier when your teeth and jaw are aligned properly.

Are you ready to consider dental braces? Do you want to improve your life in several ways? Call your orthodontist or dentist today to discuss the various ways in which your teeth can be straightened so that you can avoid a variety of other dental and health ailments.