Partial Dentures Vs. Implants: Three Reasons To Choose One Over The Other

When you are faced with the loss of a few teeth in your mouth such that you are left gap-toothed, you may want to consider replacing these teeth. A partial denture is the first option, while implants are the second. However, most people opt for the partial denture, and with good reasons. Considering your options with your dentist (try Stillwater Dental Associates) is recommended as well.

Partial Dentures Are Covered by Most Insurance Plans

Partial dentures are covered by most insurance plans. Implants are not covered by insurance because the are considered "cosmetic." Ergo, all you have to pay for the partial denture is the co-pay and any deductible you owe on your dental insurance for the year. When the cost is minimal for the partial denture, it seems like the most reasonable option.

Partial Dentures Make Oral Hygiene Easier

Dental implants have their own unique set of complications when you are trying to care for the natural teeth and gums around the implants. Flossing is difficult because you cannot go too deeply with the floss around the implants or it might get stuck. Implants may also fit rather snugly, and make it impossible to get food particles out from between the implants and the natural teeth flanking them. When you have a partial, you can pop it out, clean the denture, clean the rest of your natural teeth, and pop the partial denture back in again. Flossing is a lot easier too.

Partial Dentures Are Less Costly to Replace

In the event that you accidentally damage your partial, or break it, it is less costly to fix or replace. If you break an implant tooth, you have to replace it, which costs almost as much as the original implant and surgical procedure. Keeping in mind that the implants were also paid for out-of-pocket, and you have one very expensive dental repair. As for the partial, if it breaks or needs repair, it is (probably) covered by your insurance and will only need to be replaced if you broke the mouth plate completely.

Less of a Chance of Infection

Dental implants could result in an infection in the gums or the jaw bones. You will never encounter that with the partial. There is nothing that will cause injury to your jaw bones, gum tissue or remaining teeth when you wear a partial. The implants, with their screws in the jaw, can cause significant injury and infection, a decent enough reason to steer clear of implants and go for the partial instead.