Oddities That Can Happen With Dental Crowns And What To Do About It

Dental crowns, for the most part, do an excellent job of protecting the stubs of teeth you have underneath. However, that does not mean strange things cannot happen to your crowns or to the teeth under the crowns. Here are a few oddities that can occur with crowned teeth, and what to do about it if any of these things happen to you. Cavities and/or Pain in the Crowned Tooth Read More 

Keep That Implant In Good Shape With These Changes

Dental implant technology is fantastic. The porcelain crowns and metal implant screws are tough and sturdy, allowing you to eat and talk almost as if nothing had happened to your original teeth. But implants are not immune to damage, and you still have your gums and jawbone to think about, not to mention your adjacent teeth. Keep those implants in good shape by following a few rules. Stop Smoking One of the best things you can do to ensure the success of your dental implant is to stop smoking. Read More 

Does Your Teen Need Braces? Two Types Of Braces That Are Not As Noticeable

If your teen's dentist has said your kid needs braces, they will send them to an orthodontist. Once your teen arrives at the orthodontist, the doctor will do a consultation to determine the severity of your child's problem and the best course of treatment. Once your teen learns the treatment plan, they may be feeling apprehensive about the braces, such as the way they will look. If so, below are two types of braces that are not as noticeable when compared to metal braces. Read More 

Spring Time Dental Care

Spring time is the time of the year that many people deem to be the period when they focus on getting their house in order, making their annual doctor's appointments, taking care of routine car maintenance and more. Therefore, it only makes sense that you should also deem it as an appropriate time of the year to go the extra mile for dental care and take care of other annual dental chores. Read More 

Why You May Not Be A Good Candidate For Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics, just like the name suggests, gets your teeth aligned faster than conventional orthodontics. As such, you would expect it to be a favorite of every orthodontic candidate. Unfortunately, accelerated orthodontics isn't for everybody. Here are four indications that you aren't an excellent candidate of accelerated orthodontics: You Can't Make All the Dental Visits Accelerated orthodontics requires more frequent dental visits than conventional orthodontics. This is because the number of adjustments needed is the same as those of conventional orthodontics, but they will be crammed within a shorter duration. Read More