5 Incredible Benefits Of Invisalign

How your teeth look plays a crucial role in determining your overall appearance. When they are misaligned, you might not be able to put on a confident smile since you will wonder what others think about your appearance. The good news is that Invisalign can help put your teeth back in shape without giving you the need to wear braces. Discussed below are the reasons these aligners continue to gain popularity today. Read More 

Don’t Let A Missing Filling Upset Your Child

Some parents are surprised when they find out their young child already has a cavity. Many things can lead to the need for a filling, but more distressing still might be when that filling comes loose. Read on and find out how to keep your child from developing an undeserved fear of the dentist after a filling loss. Healthy Dental Habits Must Be Fostered If you developed a fear of the dentist because of one or more negative experiences, you may now have a dental phobia, leading to poor dental hygiene and missing teeth. Read More 

How Adult Orthodontics Differs From Children’s Orthodontics

The most common time to get braces is in childhood. This is the ideal time for orthodontics because the jawbone is still growing. But adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. There are, however, a few differences between orthodontics for children and orthodontics for adults. Orthodontic Treatment Is Longer for Adults Children's jaws continue to grow until they are in their late teens. Orthodontists can work with the growth to move children's teeth more easily. Read More 

Dental Devices That An Implant Can Support

A dental implant may be used as the foundation for a number of dental applications. The versatile device is situated in the bone of the jaw, where it replaces the natural roots of a missing tooth. The roots are the portions of the tooth that help to hold it in place. Thus, they provide a foundation for the crown, which is the part of a tooth that is visible in the oral cavity. Read More 

Straightening Your Teeth Is About More Than Aesthetics

If your dentist or orthodontist has recommended that you get braces, you are not alone. You may wonder why it is so important to have straight teeth, and the truth is that there are several reasons you should consider the recommendation. Here's the truth: straight teeth are important for reasons beyond their ability to provide you with a fantastic smile. These are a few reasons why having straight teeth is so important. Read More