How A Root Canal Procedure Can Restore Your Oral Health

Inside each tooth lies the root canal, which is the hollow part of the tooth root that contains the pulp, nerve, and blood vessels. An infection can develop inside the root canal, and your dentist will likely recommend a root canal procedure to treat any existing infection. A root canal procedure can benefit your oral health in the following ways.

Less Pain

A root canal infection usually causes ongoing pain if left untreated. As the infection inside a root canal continues to worsen, you'll likely feel more intense pain that can only be remedied with a root canal procedure. After your root canal treatment, your pain will likely go away entirely, and you'll probably have less tooth sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to hot or cold temperatures. 

Restores Normal Chewing

If you have an infected root canal, you may avoid chewing food in the area of the tooth to avoid the extra pain that the pressure can cause. An infected root canal can also make the tooth weaker and chewing even more difficult. After the root canal has been treated, a crown will likely be put over the tooth to make normal chewing easy again.

Stops the Infection from Spreading

A root canal infection doesn't always stay confined to the tooth, and the infection can spread to other parts of the mouth if it's left untreated. The infection from an untreated root canal can spread to the neighboring teeth, which could also necessitate root canal procedures for these teeth. Tissues in the mouth can also become infected if an infection from a root canal spreads. To avoid the complications that often come with a spreading infection from a root canal, you should schedule a root canal procedure as soon as possible if needed.

Freshens Your Breath

Your breath might stink because of an infected root canal, and you may not even notice that you have bad breath when speaking to other people. However, you also might notice the odor and develop an ongoing bad taste in your mouth if your root canal infection isn't treated.

Beautifies Your Smile

Aesthetic appeal is another indicator of good dental health, and root canal treatment may help you get back your beautiful smile. An infected root canal can show through the tooth's enamel and make the tooth appear brown, yellow, or gray in color. A root canal procedure can restore the tooth color to a healthy shade of white.

A root canal procedure offers an effective way to treat an infected root canal and save the tooth and other structures of the mouth from further harm. If you think you might need a root canal procedure, your dentist can examine you and let you know for sure if this treatment will work for you. 

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