Straightening Your Smile With Invisible Braces

Dental alignment issues can have a major impact on your sense of self-confidence and your overall appearance. While these problems are not unusual for people to experience, there are a range of treatment options that will be able to change the alignment of the teeth so a person can smile with confidence. 

Invisible Braces Are Effective Despite Being Discrete

Some people will be concerned about the cosmetic impacts that they will experience during the time that they have to wear their braces. This can be an understandable concern, but there are braces options that can be extremely discrete without sacrificing effectiveness. Invisible braces are one of these examples; they will allow a person to enjoy the effective results of braces while minimizing the visibility of the dental devices. This is achieved by using a clear plastic that will still be strong enough to guide the teeth into their new positions. Additionally, there are invisible braces that can be applied to the backside of the teeth. While these braces will take longer to apply, they can be completely invisible when a person is smiling or speaking normally.

Invisible Braces Are Suitable For Adults And Youth

While braces are a common treatment that teens and other young children will require, there are many adults that may want to improve their overall smile by using braces to correct alignment issues. For these adults, invisible braces will also be an effective solution for straightening the teeth. In fact, this can be a preferable option for many adults due to the need to preserve their appearance for professional meetings and other obligations where braces may be distracting to the person that they are talking to.  

The Application Of Braces Does Not Always Require The Removal Of Teeth

For individuals that have a crowding problem with their teeth, the removal of one or more teeth may be necessary to make enough space for the teeth to be straightened. However, individuals should be aware that this is not always the case for every orthodontic patient. Rather, an orthodontist will attempt to avoid removing healthy teeth from the patient's mouth as much as possible. During the initial evaluation, the orthodontist will closely evaluate a patient's mouth to determine whether there is sufficient space to realign the teeth. In the event that extractions are needed, the orthodontist will take X-rays to determine the teeth that will be the most effective to remove in order to correct the patient's cosmetic dental issues.

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