What You Should Know About Getting Dental Implants

If you have thought about dental implants as a tooth replacement option, you should be familiar with the process and what to expect. Dental implantation is an extensive procedure, so you should know exactly what you are getting into. Keep the following in mind:

Implants Require Many Steps to Complete

You will not be able to walk into the orthodontist's office and leave the same day with your implants. It takes many steps to complete the dental implant process, starting with different testing. You will need x-rays to ensure you are viable as a candidate. The orthodontist also has to evaluate your bite alignment and your jawline to ensure your implants will stay in place. You may also need some work completed prior to your dental implantation. After these steps are complete, you will then go through the fitting process for your implants.

You Will Not Be in Pain During the Procedure

One main fear for many patients is that the process will hurt. The surgery involves no pain since you will have analgesics, similar to what you endure during a typical tooth filling. You may feel some vibration from the tools used to remove your old teeth and the placement of your implants. If you are concerned about pain during the procedure, your doctor can provide some anti-anxiety medicine to help ease your fear.

You Should Not Have Much Pain After the Procedure

After you go through with your dental implant procedure, you may be worried about pain. Although you may feel some initial soreness, the pain will be minimal and disappear completely after a few days. The soreness is similar to what you would have for a typical tooth extraction. You may only need some over-the-counter pain reliever, but your orthodontist can provide you with prescription medication if you need it. You will also take an antibiotic to prevent an infection. If you suffer from major pain after your procedure, or if your pain lasts more than a few days, you need to call your orthodontist to find out what is wrong.

Any sort of major dental work can be overwhelming. Thankfully, the advances in dental technology make the process of getting dental implants seamless. If you would like to explore dental implants, you should have an initial consultation with an orthodontist. Bring a list of questions with you so you do not miss any information about the process.