Day-Glo White Vs. Realistic Whitening: Setting Your Expectations For Teeth Whitening

You have seen the famous faces with the brilliantly white teeth, teeth so white that they look as though they could glow in the dark. While this "day-glo" white is achievable, it does not mean it should be the primary goal of your own teeth whitening experience. In fact, you should set your expectations for teeth whitening a little lower, and here is why. 

The Day-Glo White Is Not Natural

For those wanting to whiten their teeth and make it look natural, the brilliantly white, almost glowing white, whitening experience is not natural at all. This is because your bones, when exposed to environmental factors (including air and age), turn a more ivory hue than brilliantly white. If you want white, but very natural-looking teeth, then the palest creamy ivory is what you will get. Even when you are a little kid, brilliantly white teeth are not natural either, and it looks very unnatural on anyone over forty. 

The Dentist Selects the "White" That Looks Right on You

If you have ever had a cavity filled with tooth-colored dental resin or you have had a tooth crowned with dental porcelain, the dentist always cleans your teeth and then uses a "white tooth" chart to match the level of white of your teeth to the resin or porcelain he/she needs to make. The chart looks like a row of front teeth, varying from whitest white to yellowest yellow. With the teeth whitening process, the dentist uses a similar chart, except that he/she will use it to match your current tooth color to the chart, and then select up to six shades whiter. Teeth are generally not whitened more than that because it can damage the enamel long-term. This shade of white is also the right shade of white for you; it looks right when you smile. 

Still Want the Day-Glo Look?

Most patients are surprised to learn that teeth whitening, even when a laser is used in the process, does not get their teeth as white as their favorite movie star's. To add to the surprise, it is often that these famous people are getting veneers applied to their natural teeth to make their smiles look that white. If you really want a smile that white, you are probably going to end up requesting veneers instead of teeth whitening. Before you opt for that cosmetic process, try the teeth whitening first. 

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