3 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, your dentist will likely give you a few different options when it comes to treating them. Your dentist will explain to you what is entailed with different options, such as leaving the space open, getting dentures, getting dental implants, etc. While different options may be best depending on your exact situation, it is hard to go wrong when you choose to go with a dental implant. Here are three great reasons to choose dental implants.

1. They Don't Come Out Like Dentures 

When you choose to go with dentures, they come in and out of your mouth. This means that you have to worry about taking the time to put them in and take them out, but you also have to clean the denture teeth and the empty gum space below them. This is often seen as tedious and time consuming for some people. When you choose to go with dental implants, they are in your mouth all of the time. They are much more like a real tooth in this aspect, and you don't have to worry about cleaning underneath them because this area is sealed off.

2. The Are Simple To Care For

When it comes to caring for your dental implants, it is almost exactly the same as caring for a real tooth. You will brush and floss them just as you do your real teeth, except you may need to use a floss threader to successfully get between your dental implants and your other teeth. Regarding the foods that you choose to eat, just make sure you don't eat anything that is exceptionally hard and could potentially cause your dental implant to crack.

3. They Can Help Prevent The Loss Of Bone

Another great reason to choose dental implants is to help prevent the loss of bone.  Having a tooth and a root helps to stimulate your jawbone when speaking and chewing. If there is nothing connected to this bone, then this can cause it to decay. A dental implant is screwed directly into your jaw, so it helps to stimulate your jawbone, just as a real tooth would.

Dental implants are a great option because they don't come out like dentures do, but are instead secured in place, they are simple to care for like your real teeth, and they help prevent the loss of bone because they are attached to your jawbone.