2 Tips To Protect You From Gingivitis Before A Corrective Jaw Operation

A huge part of a successful corrective jaw procedure requires you to wear braces for an extended period of time. The braces will also be worn during the operation. If you currently has healthy gums and teeth, then they will need to make sure their mouth stays this way for a few more months. When your teen gets braces, their dental care routine should not remain the same. Braces require an additional amount of care and time to ensure that gingivitis does not pop up along your gum line. If gingivitis does appear, then it is important to see a dentist to ensure that it does not progress to periodontitis.  This can be a bit tricky for you to accomplish on your own. Fortunately, you can use these additional dental care items to help you do this.

Liquid Floss

Using a liquid flosser may not seem like a big deal if you are trying to clean teeth that do not have a dental appliance. However, what you will quickly realize is that it is much difficult to access all areas of your teeth when there is a dental appliance that obstructing these areas. In order to make cleaning a breeze, you should replace your string floss with liquid floss. The liquid flosser can be filled with water or an oral rinse. Once turned on, the device targets the areas around your braces and gum line. You can control how rapid and strong the flosser works. The device will ensure that no areas are left untouched.

Smaller Toothbrush

Smaller toothbrushes are traditionally made for children since their teeth and mouth are much smaller. Smaller toothbrushes can help to clean the smaller and hard to reach areas that are covered by your  braces. Larger soft bristled toothbrushes often have a difficult time accessing the crevices in between the wires and brackets of your dental device. Using a smaller toothbrush will dislodge any buildup in these areas. It is important that you use the smaller toothbrush alongside a larger toothbrush. The smaller toothbrush should not be used to replace the larger toothbrush. Focus the toothbrush along your gum line and around the brackets on the dental appliance.

Adding these dental care products to your oral care routine can help to ensure that gingivitis remains at bay. For more information, talk to a professional like The Family Dentist. They'll know what will be best for you.