3 Potential Dental Treatments for an Overbite by Severity

An overbite occurs when some of the upper teeth jut out farther than normal so that the teeth cross over or cover the lower teeth. Leaving an overbite untreated can cause wear damage to the backs of the upper teeth, create bite issues, and impact your self-esteem. There are a few different dental treatments that can treat an overbite. The right treatment for you depends in part on the severity of the overbite.

Here are a few of the potential dental treatments you can discuss with your general dentist and orthodontist.

Mild Overbite: Clear Braces

Clear braces are a less noticeable alternative to traditional metal braces. Clear braces such as Invisalign come in clear trays that fit tightly over the teeth similarly to a mouth guard. The orthodontist will periodically create new trays as the overbite begins to correct in order to keep the teeth moving in the right direction. 

Clear braces are a better choice for mild overbites because the braces don't exert the same amount of pressure as metal braces. The amount of pressure is usually sufficient for treating the mild overbite but wouldn't prove as successful on more advanced overbites.

Moderate Overbite: Metal Braces

Moderate overbites are essentially any overbite too severe for treatment with clear braces but not severe enough to merit jaw surgery. The overbite is likely large and highly noticeable, so the addition of metal braces to the mouth isn't going to be as much of a cosmetic impairment as it is in some cases.

The metal braces have the ability to exert enough pressure to treat the moderate overbite. You will visit the orthodontist from time to time to have the braces recalibrated to press your overbite into the right direction. The braces can also treat any other bite issues you might have at the same time, and that wouldn't be as possible with clear braces.

Severe Overbite: Jaw Surgery

A severe overbite usually occurs due to a problem with the jawbone shifting forward out of place. Orthodontics alone can't treat this type of overbite. Your dentist will need to perform oral surgery to move the jawbone back into its correct orientation. If the teeth are still in an overbite position, the overbite should now at least be mild to moderate. The dentist can then use the appropriate type of braces, whether metal or clear, to treat the overbite and finish off your overbite-correction process.

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