How New Tech Is Making Getting A Veneer Easier And Faster

If you want to fix cracked or crooked teeth, traditionally you would have to go in for multiple appointments at the dentist, as well as potentially losing some of your teeth to fit the mold properly. Here are some technologies that will make veneers seem more worth it by eliminating these potential obstacles.

3D-Scanning Technology

One solution to having to go through the slow process of creating molds of your teeth in order to create veneers is to use 3D-scanning technology instead. The process uses a specialized camera with a higher degree of accuracy than normal to fully scan the inside of a patient's mouth.

The model formed on a computer can then be used to create a porcelain block that has the exact same shade as the patient's teeth. This is an advantage because otherwise the dentist has to guess. The most advanced version of this tech allows companies to glaze the veneers in an oven on-site and then bond to veneers to the teeth of the patient all in the same day.

Getting veneers all in the same day is currently expensive—to the tune of many thousands of dollars—but this price will inevitably come down with time. Additionally, many offices using this technique can make it so that it only lasts over the course of a few days instead of weeks for a much more affordable price.

Thinner Veneers

Besides the amount of time in the chair it takes, veneers often also have the downside where you often have to shave off a large section of the tooth in order to make room for the thickness of the veneer when it's added.

One solution to this problem includes new techniques that allow for even thinner veneers than usual. The thinner the veneer is, the less your tooth has to be shaved in order to allow the veneer to fit properly on your tooth.

This means that you get to keep more of your natural tooth which is more ideal both for your peace of mind, and also for general health purposes. Having more tooth material there is just healthier because you need enamel to help fight potential infections.

Also keep in mind that any type of tooth problem such as decay, root canal infections or gum disease could disqualify you for veneers. If you have these problems, you'll need to get them taken care of before a cosmetic dentist can apply the veneers.