3 Emergency Dental Tips

You want to do everything you can to take care of your teeth. If you break or knock out a tooth, it will affect both the function of your teeth and your smile. Even chipping a tooth will have negative consequences as it can lead to the quick decaying of the rest of that tooth. This is why, if you are going anywhere or doing anything that has the risk of injury (such as a contact sport), you want to make sure you are prepared in the following ways: 

Know how to handle a tooth emergency

If your tooth gets injured then you want to know how to handle things until you can get to the dentist. Different injuries require different on-location treatments.

For a chipped tooth:

If you chip your tooth, the broken piece won't be able to be put back on. However, you do want to get to the dentist right away so the tooth can be repaired before it becomes damaged further. A chipped tooth will also be more susceptible to developing a cavity.

If you chip your tooth you want to cover it with something such as sugarless gum or paraffin wax. This will protect your mouth from being cut by a piece of the sharp tooth. You may want to take an over-the-counter pain reliever if it hurts and put an ice pack on the outside of your mouth if the chip was due to impact. Get to your dentist as soon as you can.

For a tooth that was knocked loose:

If you take a hit to your tooth that makes it loose, you want to keep the tooth as still as you can until you can get to the dentist. Try not to apply pressure to the tooth, which may make it move. Also, if you have to eat something before you can get to the dentist, you should eat something that doesn't require chewing, such as a smoothie or soup.

For a knocked out tooth:

If you knock your tooth out, then you want to pick up the tooth quickly and clean off the root using your own spit. Put the tooth directly into the socket and bite down gently on some gauze to hold it in place. Use an ice pack to keep swelling and pain down and get to the dentist right away.

By learning about what to do in a dental emergency, you will have a better chance of saving your tooth if something should happen. For more tips, contact a clinic like Tamarack Hills Family Dentistry.