4 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Cosmetic Dentistry

Cracked, missing, or misaligned teeth could leave you feeling insecure. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dentistry procedures to help restore the aesthetics of your teeth and brighten your smile. To ensure your cosmetic dentistry procedure is effective, avoid making these four mistakes.

1. Seeking Teeth Whitening Treatment Too Frequently

If you want a cosmetic dentistry procedure for your discolored teeth, teeth whitening is ideal. Many people think that frequently seeking teeth whitening treatment will ensure their teeth remain pearl white. However, frequently seeking teeth whitening could damage your tooth enamel, causing extreme tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening treatments have a chemical component that reacts to your enamel, bleaching the discolored tooth surface. Therefore, if done too often, the bleaching agent could cause the teeth to be sensitive, making it difficult to eat or drink.

2. Improperly Handling Your Dentures

Dentures are a smile-correcting cosmetic dentistry option that leaves your smile bright all day long. But to enjoy the longevity dentures offer, you need to handle them with care. Improperly handling them will lead to damage or leave them broken. So, avoid dropping them and handle them with extreme care and caution.

Additionally, pay attention to how you store them. When getting your dentures, your dentist will advise you on the best way to store them. Dentists recommend placing your dentures in a soaking solution through the night. Keeping them in water helps them maintain their shape.

3. Taking Too Long to Replace Old Restorations

Have you undergone any cosmetic dentistry procedures in the past? If you have, it could be tempting to keep on these restorations for long to get maximum value out of them. Nonetheless, you should replace them as recommended.

Over time, the quality of the restorations could decline; thus, they may not look as attractive as they were before. Like everything else, restorations also have their lifespan—they need to be replaced as recommended.

4. Treating Fewer Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can be expensive. Most people cut the expense by choosing the teeth to treat. Limiting the teeth to treat may be an affordable option but an inconveniencing one.

You will need to constantly limit your smile to show teeth you recently treated. Besides, the untreated teeth will be more noticeable due to the sharp difference from the treated ones. 

Ready to Get Your Makeover?

Cosmetic dentistry offers you a chance to makeover your smile. Get it done by cosmetic dentists today by booking your appointment.