Does Your Teen Need Braces? Two Types Of Braces That Are Not As Noticeable

If your teen's dentist has said your kid needs braces, they will send them to an orthodontist. Once your teen arrives at the orthodontist, the doctor will do a consultation to determine the severity of your child's problem and the best course of treatment. Once your teen learns the treatment plan, they may be feeling apprehensive about the braces, such as the way they will look. If so, below are two types of braces that are not as noticeable when compared to metal braces.


Talk to your child's orthodontist to see if clear braces would be an option for them. These braces are only noticeable if someone looks very closely at your teen's teeth. Your teen can also remove these braces very easily when they eat. This is beneficial as they may be embarrassed if they have metal braces, as food can easily get stuck in the brackets. The ability to remove their aligners makes it much easier for your teen to brush and floss their teeth also.

A set of aligners will be made specifically to fit your teen's teeth. When finished, your teen simply slips the aligner onto their teeth very easily. The aligner will gradually move the teeth to straighten them. Over time, the first set of aligners will do the job but then your teen's orthodontist has to make a new set of aligners to further move the teeth. This will continue throughout the treatment. How often they will need a new set of aligners will depend on their personal situation.

Ceramic Braces

If your child's teeth are severely crooked, the doctor may suggest metal braces. Because these are very noticeable, ask the orthodontist if they can use ceramic braces instead. These braces are the same as metal braces, but the difference is the ceramic is the same color of your teen's teeth. This makes these braces less noticeable.

The wires used can also be the same color as your child's teeth or the orthodontist can use clear wires. The ceramic braces move teeth as quick as traditional metal braces.

One thing to consider is how active your teen is. This is because ceramic is not as durable as metal and can crack or chip. For this reason, if your teen plays rough sports, this would not be a good option for them. Instead, metal braces would be much better.

Talk to your teen's orthodontist about clear and ceramic braces, and they can give you much more information about them.