Six Reasons Why Dentures Still Make Sense

There have been a myriad of new cosmetic dentistry products appearing on the market in the last decade or so. Among these are veneers and dental implants. However, as attractive as these new products may be, for some people and some dental situations, the best choice for creating a beautiful smile is still traditional dentures.

Dentures, also referred to as false teeth, have been around for several hundred years. Today's dentures are made of a base of flesh-colored acrylic resin with porcelain over metal teeth. For partial dentures, the porcelain is dyed to match your existing teeth.

Benefits of opting for dentures

1. Price. Dentures are the least expensive way to replace multiple teeth or an entire mouth of teeth. They are a fraction of the cost of a full set of dental implants. In addition, many dental and health insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of dentures.

2. Versatility. Dentures can be used to replace an entire mouth full of teeth, the top or bottom set of teeth, or even a single tooth.  

3. Easy to adjust. Most of the traditional complaints about dentures, such as slipping, rubbing the gums, difficulty talking and mouth discomfort, can be eliminated by having the dentist make a few minor adjustments after you've had an opportunity to wear the dentures for a few days.

4. Durable. While dentures don't have the lifespan of dental implants, the average set of dentures will last for a minimum of five years with proper care, often much longer. For many older people getting their first set of dentures, that is enough to last their lifetime.

5. Less time to fit. Dental implants can take months from the initial appointment to the final fitting. The anchor has to be surgically implanted and the area allowed to heal for several months before proceeding. Dentures, on the other hand, can be fitted rather quickly, with just two or three appointments from start to finish.

6. Better suited for those with weak gums. Strong, healthy gums are needed to anchor dental implants. If your jaw and gums are weak from periodontal disease or other health conditions, dentures may be a better fit for you.

While dentures may not be the right choice for every dental patient looking to improve his or her smile, dentures are affordable, versatile, easy to adjust and take fewer appointments to fit.

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